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Elevate your group reporting with our team of first rate professionals.


What problems can Backo solve ?

Sufficient expertise

Backo ensures top-notch group consolidation and reporting through a team of dedicated professionals with extensive expertise in various aspects of accounting and related technologies. Our commitment to delivering tailored, high-quality results every month sets us apart.

Continuity and stability

Backo’s team ensures uninterrupted service with a streamlined process that isn’t reliant on individual personnel. Our tailored resources and pricing eliminate inefficiencies and bottlenecks, providing consistent support through holidays and leaves. Rely on Backo’s optimized group closing and reporting process for seamless continuity without disruptions.

Flexibility and efficiency

Eliminate peak-time resource shortages in group reporting with Backo by customizing resources and pricing to your specific needs. Enjoy a cost-efficient solution without downtime or bottlenecks. Experience risk-free collaboration; terminate our contract without penalties if results fall short of your expectations.

Technology hassle

Backo addresses key challenges in monthly consolidation and reporting by seamlessly integrating top tools like Tagetik, OneStream, HFM, and FPM. Our specialized expertise resolves software-related issues, ensuring clients a smooth and efficient solution. Count on Backo to solve problems and deliver a comprehensive, hassle-free experience in group accounting.

Top-Tier Expertise on Group Accounting

Elevate your group reporting with our team of first-rate professionals. We cover all facets of group accounting and related technologies, ensuring top-notch expertise without the need for external consultants. Achieve consistent, effortless results every month.


Discover Our Group Consolidation And Reporting Services

At Backo, we cover all your consolidation and reporting needs offering comprehensive monthly, quarterly, and yearly services, tailored to your preferences. The service can include one, two or multiple modules:

Group Accounting & Reporting

• Consolidation of group subsidiaries with required IFRS or FAS entries.
• Monthly group reporting, including consolidated and segment P&L, Balance sheet, and more.
• Quarterly IFRS financial statements (IAS 34).
• Annual financial statements (IFRS or FAS).

Software Implementation and Maintenance

• Turnkey implementation of Tagetik group consolidation and planning software.
• Continuous customized maintenance for Tagetik and other consolidation software.
• We are also fluent in other consolidation softwares and are able to execute monthly closing in any platform.

IFRS 16 Lease Accounting

• Lease portfolio maintenance and updating.
• Implementation and maintenance of IFRS 16 software (Fatman, ZenTreasury, Tagetik IFRS 16 module, Kasperi or excel etc.).

Preparation and Documentation of Complex IFRS Calculations

• Calculations related to group structure changes, PPAs, gain/loss calculations, goodwill impairment, and IFRS 2 share-based payments.

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